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Graduations, stages, and phases

It is the time of year for graduations and changes. I recently encountered a student from my years as an elementary librarian. He was in kindergarten when I met him, and he’s about to graduate from college. I think I’m a little more excited than he is! It can be challenging to make changes in life. The uncertainty and all the unknowns can be overwhelming at first. But it can also be exhilarating knowing there are all these opportunities waiting. I’m not graduating from college, but I have embarked on some new stages and phases. Online writing classes, conferences, and organizations to improve my passion for writing has catapulted my creativity and thought processes. I read differently and see situations in new ways. I’ve met many talented writers along the way. The best part of meeting people passionate about writing is their willingness to share and offer encouragement. The journey may be unfamiliar, but it is welcome territory. 


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