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Planting Patience

 ​I could not wait to work in my flower garden. Winter decided to have one last visit before finally disappearing. On Saturday, I pulled weeds and turned over the soil. The planting process was easy, and since I knew watching flowers would not make them grow, I had to wait patiently. Birds, bees, and wasps provided a perfect tune for waiting. Each time a plant went into the dark ground, I knew there was an opportunity for growth. Intentional writing takes discipline. Effective writing takes practice. The days of watching television for hours, playing games on the phone, and negative influences are gone like the weeds in my garden. I replaced the weeds of wasting time with online writing classes, coaches, and consistent habits. I invested in writing the same way I planted my flowers. I needed to give myself the write ​environment. In due time, both will flourish.


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