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I really cannot believe it is already March! It probably has something to do with the fact that I just put away my Christmas decorations in February. The Mardi Gras decor went up on display, but the others lingered in another room. I’ll try to do better for Easter. Perhaps I was procrastinating with the decorations because I spent most of the new year thus far rejoining the social media world and finding new writer friends. It was initially a bit overwhelming but has proven to be well worth it. I’m a beginning picture book writer and want to learn from the best. After some research, I joined the 12X12 Picture Book Challenge.  Each member is challenged to write 12 picture books in 12 months. I’m enjoying the support and resources from this group. They are incredibly supportive and responsive. I’m looking forward to learning throughout the process. I love the idea of focusing my time and efforts in specific areas with the support necessary to accomplish a goal. I also became a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers. My first writing passion is Christian fiction. This group will encourage my writing craft in bringing glory to God in the writing process. These were my focus areas for February. I have already made some great connections through both and appreciate the resources they offer new writers. Guess I should stop writing about the community and do what I can to join it! 


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