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You’ve Got Mail

 Okay, so I’m definitely dating myself with the movie reference and absolutely outing that I’m secretly a rom-com, chick-flick lover. But there’s no denying You’ve Got Mail is a classic! I like many people had AOL installed on my computer as using a CD from the register at a local big box store and loved knocking everybody off the phone to the sound of incoming mail. I can’t help but laugh at that technology now. The funny thing about writing is the feeling of new mail is still the same for me. Over the last few weeks, I’ve learned about so many great resources to help aspiring writers like myself. The teacher in me can’t help sharing. If you are already aware of these, share some new ones for those seeking help too. Here are a few that helped me fill my inbox with mail from fellow writers:

1. Get beta readers for your work or become a beta reader. 
​2. CritiqueMatch @CritiqueMatchNY
​Discover Critique Partners or hire professionals 


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